Sixth Form

Student Voice

Results from 2023 student survey:

What does the sixth form do really well?

The environment is lively, a place where I can express myself. Especially with the small group and family feel.

I felt happy staying on at CFS and comfortable with the smaller classes and closely knit community.

Sixth form you have a lot more freedom. Being treated as an adult in a safe but relaxed environment.

- Amber

The best thing about CFS sixth form in my opinion is the family feel around the place. I feel relaxed whilst also feeling driven to achieve. I also enjoy the independence and freedom.

I chose CFS sixth form because of the small classes and because I feel it’s an environment in which I can prosper. Independence and freedom is the difference between sixth form and secondary school. It’s more relaxed and you’re in control. Also being treated as a mature young adult rather than a student. 

- Beau

The best things about CFS sixth form are the people and the family atmosphere.


I chose CFS sixth form because of the welcoming staff, friendly atmosphere and family feel. Sixth form is different from secondary school because you get more independence, freedom and you get treated in mature manner. 

- Phoebe

The teachers and students are very welcoming, kind, caring and accepting of who I am.

Throughout my transition from senior school to sixth form I have been supported by the staff with time-management, note taking, and how to balance school life and my personal life. I have been really lucky with the support I have received and am very grateful for it.

- Molly

The best thing about CFS sixth form is the community feel, opportunities and the small classes offered.

I chose CFS sixth form because of the independence and the privilege of being treated like an adult. 

I feel that the freedom and opportunities offered by the sixth form is what’s different from secondary school. 

- Tash

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