Subject - Spanish


Junior Intent Statement 

At Cobham Free Junior School, we believe that learning a language enriches the curriculum. It provides enjoyment, excitement, and challenge by enabling enthusiastic learners to develop positive attitudes to language learning throughout their lives.
The language that we teach is Spanish as it is the second most spoken language in the world. Spanish not only allows access to Spain and many different islands but also most South American countries and increasingly large parts of the United States of America. We have chosen Spanish as a language that will enable our children to explore many parts of our wonderful world.
Learning another language prepares our children for life in modern Britain, in work and activities increasingly involving using languages other than English. We aim to foster pupils' curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world around them and their own language. We intend that through learning Spanish, our pupils will develop an awareness of cultural differences and develop a tolerance of diversity within society. Our children will acquire and develop language skills, using what they have learned in various contexts with increasing competence and confidence.
We intend that all children learn:
  • To read, speak, and write in the Spanish language
  • Have knowledge of  Spanish culture and geography 
  • Foundations for foreign language teaching through the school
  • To enjoy complex, adventurous, and unique linguistic structures.

Department led by:

Sra Benitez