Subject - Mathematics


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Intent Statement

At Cobham Free School we aim to mould young minds into logical thinkers, able problem solvers and lifelong mathematicians using creative and reflective teaching. We believe that all students, regardless of ability, should be consistently challenged and supported on their journey throughout every key stage, recognising the importance of maths all around them and where relevant in other subjects. To support this, children are given opportunities to develop their fluency of a concept, reason mathematically using relevant language, make connections and apply their mathematical thinking to problem solving opportunities that challenge the thinking of all learners.

Our schemes of work aim to develop a depth of knowledge within each area of mathematics giving students a secure, long-term and adaptable knowledge bank enabling the ability to work effectively for their exams and beyond. Our chosen GCSE specification and application is accessible to all students, to give them every chance to show their mathematical ability and reach their potential. At CFS we entwine real-life problems, within many topics, helping students to broaden their ideas in maths and to develop their understanding of the world around them. 

Key Stage 3 - Mathematics

The KS3 curriculum builds on the mathematics students have learnt in KS1 and KS2 and prepares students for KS4. The content is divided into six areas:

The detail of what students will learn in each term is set out in our curriculum plans>.

Key Stage 4 - Mathematics

What is in the course?

Mathematics is a core subject which all students have to study at GCSE. Students will sit either the Foundation tier (grades 1-5) or Higher tier (grades 3-9). The content is divided into six areas:

The weightings for the different tiers are below:

Foundation Tier

Higher Tier

How is it assessed?

Examination Board: Edexcel Course Code 1MA1

All papers are of an equal weight.

All papers are a mix of question styles, from short, single-mark questions to multi-step problems. The mathematical demand increases as a student progresses through the paper.

Extra-curricular opportunities