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Courses - The Arts

Art and Design A Level

Studying Art and Design at A Level is suited to those who have enjoyed Art at GCSE and who have a passion for creativity. If you have ability in a creative area, then this could be the course for you. This course is an opportunity for students to express themselves, explore a variety of art and design mediums, whilst gaining an A Level in a subject that demands critical thinking, resourcefulness and independent research, all desirable and transferable skills you can use in the future.

The course enables students to develop and explore skills in a broad range of media. Initial emphasis is on developing a working knowledge of materials in both 2D and 3D approaches. Students will later take on a personal investigation in which they will research and explore a theme of their choice. There is an externally set assignment of 15 hours supervised time plus preparatory period.

Drama and Theatre A Level

Drama and Theatre at A Level is a subject which is invaluable for those who wish to pursue a career in the arts and those who enjoy creating plays, whether it be performing, directing or designing them. The AS and A Level Drama and Theatre qualifications are designed to encourage creativity and develop skills that will support progression to further study of drama and a wide range of other subjects. There is a focus on practical exploration and performance as well as on developing students’ analytical, critical and evaluative skills through written work. 

Students will develop a multitude of skills - including collaboration, communication and an understanding of how to refine their work - which are transferable to a range of different careers. 

Students will devise an original piece for performance, explore the work of influential theatre practitioners, study stage a range of engaging performance texts and evaluate live theatre productions.

English Literature A Level

English Literature is a subject for those who enjoy reading a wide range of literary texts.

By studying English Literature at A Level students learn to read ambitiously, to scrutinise and to appreciate the writer’s craft and to evaluate the views of others in discussion and debate. Students of Literature have a keen critical eye and an intellectual curiosity about the beauty and power of the English language.

The course introduces students to influential poetry, drama and prose, both classic and contemporary.

A Level English Literature is highly regarded as a facilitating subject by universities since it refines analytical, critical and communication skills.

Music A Level

The CFS music tradition established in the junior and senior departments continues into our Sixth Form provision. Students can participate in the full range of choirs and ensembles, while being encouraged to lead their own groups and activities.

Music A Level has three components: performance, composition and appraising; they may specialise in either performance or composition.

Performance involves a recital of about 10 minutes, assessed by a visiting examiner, including at least two or three pieces, one of which must be as a soloist, and the remainder may be ensemble. For Composition students produce two or three pieces, one in the Western Classical Music tradition, to a brief set by Eduqas, and one or two free compositions. Appraising substantially broadens musical understanding and skills, in three areas of study, including the Western Classical Tradition, a choice of Rock and Pop, Musical Theatre, and Jazz, and a further choice between Twentieth Century and Twenty-First Century music. Exam questions will focus on set works and unprepared listening.

Music is fascinating; the A Level journey gives students excellent foundations to take it further, both actively and professionally, or simply for future enjoyment.

Creative Media BTec

Creative Media BTec is for those who want to explore, build and develop digital media skills through practical projects, briefs workshops and engagement with the creative industry across areas of the following technical skills categories;

● Graphic & Lens; graphic design, publishing, illustration, concept art, photography.

● Text; graphics, journalism, typography, script/copywriting, publishing, web design.

● Moving Image; TV, Film, Animation and Motion Graphics.

● Character & Environment; virtual, sprite, character, avatar design, set design, styling and art direction.

● Sound; radio, sound design, soundtrack, installation and sound effects.

● Experience; VR, UI/UX, web, app, online, mixed reality and augmented reality.

For further information please see the BTec Creative Media Overview Booklet >

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