Career Guidance

At Cobham Free School we deliver an inclusive careers programme which aims to encourage all our students to be curious about the world of work and the opportunities open to them.

The comprehensive careers provision fulfils all Gatsby Benchmarks ( The Benchmarks) and the Provider’s Access Policy    Careers guidance and access for education and training providers - GOV.UK

The provision is consistently monitored and reviewed to ensure that it continues to evolve and remains current

CFS aims to inspire careers curiosity in all its pupils so that they are motivated to explore their future pathways positively.  This is achieved in a variety of ways, with as much in person engagement as possible supported by Unifrog (see below). There are a number of enrichment programmes which are embedded within the curriculum (Future Focus and Employability) as well as external speakers/workshops and events across a range of industries and education providers.  These connections encourage our students to develop their ideas rigorously and to understand all the options open to them. 

Coaching on interview technique, support with applications (UCAS, apprenticeships and job applications) and workshops on soft skills are provided.  We also engage with educators and employers to provide ‘real life’ context around future choices and to encourage our students to approach conversations proactively and confidently.

In addition to the above, CFS utilises Unifrog , a progressive and interactive careers and future pathways platform.  This is available for all students in Years 7 upwards.  It encourages and enables them to start exploring their future pathways and transitions gradually, informing their choices by providing them with access to quizzes, academic choices (GCSEs and A Levels),  further/higher education opportunities and information on varying career opportunities. We also engage with InvestIN an organisation which provides access to immersive work experience programmes in a number of sectors.

Careers Guidance and Advice 

Impartial guidance is provided from a qualified Careers Advisor and is offered to all students from Year 9 upwards.  This is initially given in small groups (to help with GCSE choices), progressing to individual appointments from Year 10 upwards.  It ensures that all students are able to make informed decisions on their options and how these impact future choices.  The appointments are scheduled ahead of time so that there is time for all avenues to be explored before decisions need to be made.

Careers Roadmap

Please find below the CFS Careers Roadmap.  This provides a high level overview of some of the activities and events.  Each one links to a Gatsby Benchmark, as indicated by the corresponding numbers.

Career guidance is embedded throughout the PSHE and Future Focus/Wellbeing curriculum throughout all year groups.  Please see below:

Programme of Study outline:

Year 7:  Initial exploration of the world of work and my place within it. To include:  my skills, my interests, my aspirations

Year 8:  Continuing to build on Year 7 foundations.  What does success look like to you, understanding careers terminology, understanding skills and attributes.

Year 9:  Exploring GCSE options in small groups with a careers advisor (to include skills and attributes and their link into the curriculum and future pathways).  

Year 10:  Focussing on Executive Function skills (to include planning, flexible thinking, time management and organisational skills) and how they support success within and beyond school.  One to one sessions with a careers advisor to enable students to understand and facilitate their post-GCSE options and plans.

Year 11:  Supporting post-GCSE choices and change.  Individual careers interviews are held where required.

Year 12:  All students are provided with weekly enrichment activities, these focus on a wide range of areas including employability, life skills, managing your money/financial awareness and life beyond school.  In addition there are a range of speakers and visits arranged to include various industries and educational providers.  Guidance and support is provided for all applications including UCAS and apprenticeships.

Year 13:  The focus is on completing personal statements and applications, interview skills and practice.

Kate Allpress is our Careers Lead.

Contact:  email:  tel:  0330 330 0237  ext: 242

Working days:  Wednesdays and Thursdays

Our Link Governor for careers is  Ashleigh Saunders.