Subject - Mathematics


Junior Intent Statement 

Our prime objective at Cobham Free Junior School  is that every child will enjoy Mathematics and make good progress, regardless of their starting point.  It is our intent that every child should feel supported and challenged in this subject and can recognise the importance of maths all around them and where relevant in other subjects.  
We teach for mastery of Mathematics.  Embedded in children’s mathematical learning, we aim to create a deep and meaningful understanding of mathematical concepts that children are able to use and apply throughout all phases of their learning journey, both at school  and beyond.
From the start of their mathematical journey, the curriculum is rooted in high-quality practical experiences that ensure a secure understanding of number, counting and place-value. Mathematics is taught in small steps to ensure a depth of understanding before progression and to be certain that children are ready to progress before tackling new learning.  
We want all of the children to be confident and fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics so that they have a firm foundation to build on as they progress.  Our schemes of work aim to develop a depth of knowledge within each area of mathematics giving students a secure, long-term and adaptable knowledge bank enabling the ability to work effectively throughout their education and beyond.   To support this, children are given opportunities to develop their fluency of a concept, reason mathematically using relevant language and apply their mathematical thinking to problem solving opportunities that challenge the thinking of all learners.
These key skills are embedded and developed consistently over time through our mastery approach, enabling the children to make connections, solve problems and reason mathematically. We use the White Rose programme of study but supplement it with additional resources.
We aim for children to be confident in working with all relevant mathematical representations and structures to support their mathematical thinking.  This cohesion enables our learners to go deeper in their understanding of the taught mathematical concept within the parameters of their curriculum, rather than accelerating learning at a superficial level.

Maths Progression at CFS:  Y1- Y6 (Teachers will use their professional judgement to decide the order in which topics are taught according to the needs of the cohort. )

Department led by:

Mrs Roberts - Key Stage 1Mrs Carney - Key Stage 2