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Art and Design

 Design Technology

Art and  Design 

Design Technology

Junior Intent  Statement

At Cobham Free School we believe that through the Art and Design and D.T. curriculum it is essential for all children to have a belief in their own artistic ability, develop an understanding of and use many different techniques and materials including pastels, paints, clay, textiles, weaving, collage, printing, watercolours and many more. Throughout their time with us they will also learn about the work of great artists, craft makers and designers. They will use this knowledge to inspire their own work and understand how they have shaped our history and contributed to our culture.Each term all classes have weekly lessons when they will spend half a term on Art and the other half of the term on D.T. These are often linked to other curriculum areas such as Science or History. Work is recorded in Sketchbooks or as finished pieces. All children will benefit from specialist workshops and take part in collective whole primary art displays. They will visit art galleries over the course of their primary education to enhance their understanding and engagement with the subject. 

Department led by:

Mrs Kalsi -  EYFS and Key Stage 1Mrs Pickford and Mrs Bance - Key Stage 2