Sixth Form

Courses - Science

Biology A Level

Biology is an exciting, cutting edge science. The understanding of cell and molecular biology, ecology, genetics and evolution are all essential to the continuing progress of society.

As well as having a passion for the subject, A Level Biology students need to have the ability to understand complex systems, and demonstrate an interest in the impact they have on our world and the future success of humankind.

Biology is taught in our new ‘state of the art’ science laboratories where students can conduct exciting experiments to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Chemistry A Level

Would you like to design the medicines of the future? Could you ensure the quality control of a new product in the chemical industry? Can you develop the skills required to be at the cutting edge of environmental initiatives? These are all questions students interested in Chemistry may wish to ask themselves.

Chemistry is suitable for students who have a desire to further their scientific knowledge, enjoy practical experiments and have aspirations to develop skills applicable to real life scenarios. 

Studying Chemistry allows students to acquire subject-specific and transferable skills, which are valued by employers. It opens up opportunities for a range of careers in the science and health sectors including: medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, zoology, biomedicine, forensics, science teaching and biochemistry. 

Physics A Level

Physics provides the building blocks of the universe and a good understanding of its principles is essential in our increasingly technological world. Physics is a challenging but exciting subject that has the power to inspire every student.

Physics suits students who have enjoyed studying both Science and Mathematics at Key Stage 4. It is suitable for those who would like to develop a detailed understanding of how the universe works and then use that understanding to shape our future.

Physics is highly regarded by universities and employers. It can lead to roles in scientific research, as well as a range of careers in areas such as law, finance, astronomy, engineering, architecture and medicine.

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