Medical room, first aid & infection control

Medical room, first aid and infection control

Visiting the medical room

Medical room visits, during class, are for pupils feeling so unwell, that they cannot wait until the end of class or situations that need immediate care and treatment.  Pupils should ask for permission to go to the medical room from their teacher, who can then assess the need to go, if required, during class. If the pupil can wait, then it is advisable to come during break time or lunch.  

On arrival in the medical room all pupils will be assessed by Pediatric First Aid trained staff (not medically trained professionals) and treated accordingly. All care and treatment will be documented on a Medical Log. This is documented by days, with a whole term visible at once to check for a pattern or regular visits.  

Individuals and specific first aid bags are provided by the office staff for each class and pupil attending a fixture, visit or trip. Ensuring the accompanying staff have all relevant information needed for the safe care and treatment of those pupils. Autoinjectors and Inhalers are individually labelled and stored in the medical room as well as their classroom (for the junior department) or on their person (for the senior department).

Infection Control - Is my child too unwell for school? 

It's fine for your child to stay in school with a minor cough, common cold, sore throat, period pains or headache.

When should my child return to school?:

General guidance can be found on the NHS website.