Sixth Form

Courses - Languages

French A Level

French is a language spoken in over 50 countries, by over 280 million of the world’s population. Its international significance means it is an official language of the United Nations and French speakers have a world of opportunities open to them as a result. French A Level is ideal for students who have a passion for further study after GCSE. Students deepen their knowledge of the French language through speaking, reading and listening, as well as developing an awareness of contemporary French society and gaining an insight into the culture of different French-speaking countries.

In addition, the course develops transferable skills valued by universities and employers, such as communication, resilience and problem-solving. 

Being proficient in a language can broaden career options, with language graduates often employed in professions such as international banking, journalism, law and marketing.

Spanish A Level

It is estimated that more than 437 million people speak Spanish as their first language, approximately 80 million more than those whose first language is English. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Spanish A Level provides students who are passionate about the language with the chance to deepen their knowledge. Through the course they develop cultural awareness of Spanish- speaking countries and discover more about the important issues in modern Spanish society. 

The course offers students the opportunity to develop skills which are sought-after by universities. Studying a Modern Foreign Language is also valued by employers, and a popular and widely-spoken language such as Spanish, can be useful for a range of careers.  

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