Subject - Music


Teaching Staff

Intent Statement

To offer a broad and varied provision, rooted in the development of strong musical literacy,  that provides the opportunity for all students to widen their musical horizons, develop their practical skills and learn to work effectively in collaboration with others.

Intent areas:

Key Stage 3 - Music

Year 7 

All year 7 students take part in our instrumental scheme. These weekly lessons are taught in small groups with specialist teachers and are free to access for the year. The timetable for the pupils is below:

We also run a choral rehearsal every week during which students will learn to sing a variety of different pieces.

In addition, pupils also take part in a theory and listening lesson each week to make sure that their written work is developed alongside their practical skills. 

By the end of the year it is expected that all students will be at least at ABRSM theory Grade 1 level and will also be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of Western European musical history from the renaissance through to the twentieth century. 

Year 8 

In Year 8 and throughout their remaining time at CFS, students can choose to continue with their small group instrumental lessons from year 7 with a small parental subsidy payable each term. 

We also provide the opportunity for all students to learn a band instrument in a small group with a specialist tutor. These free sessions are run as part of the curriculum and pupils who show a genuine interest can continue to develop their skills by participating in our Band Club ECA, the cost of which is subsidised by the school.

In Curriculum lessons, Year 8 students learn about the origins of Rock and Roll, develop their own games music as part of a Dragon’s Den style competition and look at the wonderful world of Twentieth Century Avant-Garde music. 

Year 9

Students in Year 9 study a range of topics including Film Music, with a particular focus on Bernard Herrmann and Musicals from Richard Rodgers to Lin Manuel Miranda.  

In the Summer Term, pupils take part in a song writing competition. 

Lessons focus on the three key elements of appraising, composition and performance in preparation for GCSE with all pupils expected to be at least ABRSM Grade 2 Theory level by the end of the year.

Instruments used in performance include ukuleles, keyboards, glockenspiels and xylophones. 

Composition will include writing by hand as well as using Noteflight (Stave notation) and Soundtrap (Digital Audio Workstation), both of which can be accessed online by students from any device at any time. 

Key Stage 4 - Music

Students who opt to take GCSE music will use the WJEC Eduqas board specification. There are 3 elements to the course, detailed below:

Performance (30%)

Composition (30%)

Appraisal (40%)

Eight questions in total, two on each of the four areas of study:

Private lessons

Private lessons on a wide range of instruments are available on a chargeable basis. Pupils opting for this service will be taken out of academic lessons but on a rotation basis to minimise curriculum time lost. All students taking GCSE or A-level music are expected to have individual lessons in an instrument or voice. Pupil premium students taking A-level and GCSE music may be eligible for free individual instrumental tuition at the discretion of the school.


Up to ten percent of our reception and Year 7 intake are offered a Music Award (scholarship) based on musical aptitude. Successful scholars have priority under our admissions criteria and can take part in our Instrumental Scheme and Band Club ECA without charge. They are expected to play a full and active part in the life of the music department and to take the GCSE in Music.

Extra-curricular opportunities

The Music curriculum is enriched through a number of activities including: