Sixth Form

Courses - Maths and Computing

Computer Science A Level

Computer Science is a practical subject where students can apply academic principles to real world systems. It is a very creative subject, combining invention and excitement, and that looks at the natural world through a digital prism. Computer Science values computational thinking, helping students to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence.

Throughout the course students study computing principles which explore the characteristics of contemporary processors, software and software development, programming, exchanging data, data types, structures and algorithms, the internet and legal and ethical issues.

Mathematics A Level

Mathematics underpins so much of our everyday lives - the creation of almost everything has been influenced by it. Mathematics A Level is particularly suitable for students who enjoy spending time solving problems and thinking analytically.

The course covers three areas: Pure Maths (Algebra, Calculus and Proof), Mechanics (Vectors and Kinematics) and Statistics (Data Analysis and Probability). There are three exams: two covering Pure Maths and one covering Applied Maths.

An A Level in Mathematics is highly respected by universities and employers. The course would be vital for students considering university degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering and Medicine. It would also be useful for many other degree courses, such as Economics, Accounting and Psychology.

Further Mathematics A Level

Further Maths is always taken in addition to Mathematics A Level. It would be suitable for students who have a real interest in the subject and are keen to study it in greater depth. Prospective students should have strong foundations in algebra and a natural curiosity for solving complex problems.

The course involves extensive exploration of Pure Maths (Proof, Complex Numbers, Matrices) and Applied Maths (Probability, Hypothesis testing, Dynamics, Kinematics).

This A Level option would be most appropriate for students intending to study Mathematics at university. As it is taken as an additional A Level, it is recommended for those students who would thrive on the extra academic challenge and workload.

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