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Intent Statement

The Art and Design department at CFS provides students of all year groups with the opportunity to create artwork in a range of media, during timetabled lessons and during extra curricular activities. 

During lesson time students learn about a wide variety of artists and designers from past and present and from different times and cultures. Within this learning, students develop and refine art and design skills and techniques and are encouraged to be independent learners who are able to form opinions of their own and make creative decisions independently. This allows our students to express their own thoughts and ideas, as well as learning to value those of others. Creativity is crucial for young people’s development and therefore we aim to offer an interesting, varied, challenging but accessible learning experience for all. 

The department offers a safe and comfortable learning environment and promotes patience and tolerance for others,  encouraging our students to always be respectful of others and their thoughts, ideas and opinions. 

In the classroom we give students the opportunity to learn about future career choices. Within schemes of learning content includes opportunities to learn about creative careers such as illustration, graphic design, architecture and textile design. 

As our students leave Cobham Free School we hope that they will leave with an appreciation of art, design and creativity as well as the skills to be confident and independent decision makers and problem solvers. Independent decision making is always encouraged throughout all key stages and we focus on developing specific habits of mind, including being inquisitive, collaborative, disciplined, imaginative and promoting a growth mindset.

Key Stage 3, Art and Design

 Year 7 Art, topics Studied:

TERM 1: The Formal Elements of Art

TERM 2: Masks from Around the world

TERM 3: Art Assessment-Independent Project

Year 8 Art, Topics Studied:

TERM 1: Portraits

TERM 2: Art with a Message

TERM 3: Art Assessment-Independent Project


Year 9 Art, topics Studied:

TERM 1: Art and Music

TERM 2: Drawing and Printmaking- GCSE Techniques

TERM 3: Art Assessment- Independent Project

Key Stage 3 Design Technology

Classes rotate every 10 weeks between Textiles, Graphics and Food and Nutrition.

Year 7 DT Textiles

Felt Donut project:

Year 8 DT Textiles

Monster Cushion Cover project:


Year 9 DT Textiles

Artist Inspired Apron project:


Year 7 DT Graphics

Illustrated Name

Collage Creatures


Year 8 DT Graphics

Experimental Typography

Pop-up Cards


Year 9 DT Graphics

Experimental Typography

Digital Self Portrait

Key Stage 4, Art and Design

At Key Stage 4 we offer three Art and Design options:


Here students are required to work in one or more than one of the following areas: drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, printmaking, mixed media

Here students are required to work in one or more than one of the following areas: art textiles, fashion design and illustration, costume design, constructed textiles, printed and dyed textiles, surface pattern, stitched and/or embellished textiles, soft furnishings and/or textiles for interiors, digital textiles.

Here students are required to work in one or more than one of the following areas: communication graphics, design for print, advertising and branding, illustration, package design, typograph, signage, exhibition graphics


The syllabus is made up of:

1) Personal Portfolio (60% of the GCSE) 

2)Externally Set Assignment (ESA) (40% of the GCSE)

Students produce two portfolios that show a cohesive body of work from an initial starting point, showing development and experimentation to a final piece of work. 

Year 10 Term 1

Term 2


Year 11 Term 1

Term 2 and 3 

How it is assessed?

Exam board: AQA

There are four assessment objectives and these are very important. Students need to provide evidence of all four in the Personal Portfolio and Externally Set Assignment (ESA).  

Each Assessment Objective is worth 25%.


Extra-curricular opportunities